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Aircon Troubleshooting Penang

Temperature is soaring outside, you are drenching in sweat and your soul feels like it has been sucked out of you. You are desperate for the cool air, but when you switch on the air conditioner, the worst nightmare happened, it is not working! Your heart dies a little more, but here are some basic air conditioner troubleshooting tips you can try.

Air cooling Is Not Optimum

  • Thermostat

The air conditioner is working, but it is not cooling the air around you as usual. Try lowering the thermostat by 5 degrees. Make sure also that the thermostat is set to cool.

  • Surrounding Temperature

Take note also on the weather outside. If the temperature is too hot, it is impossible for the air conditioner to give you the normal cool air that you enjoy usually, especially if you have tonnes of windows radiating the heat and warmth from the sun. Try drawing the curtains and shades down. Also double check around the space so that no cool air is escaping and hot air seeping in.

  • Evaporator

When lowering the thermostat does not work, you can try looking into the evaporator as it may be dirty. Clean the evaporator and try again.

  • Filters

The efficiency of the air conditioner to cool down air will be reduced with a clogged filter because it will restrict the airflow. It will then bring the dirt directly to the compressor and cause it to overwork. Air conditioners filter should be changed at least once a month.

Air Conditioner Not Running

  • Power

Check the power plug to make sure that the air conditioner is plugged in. This may be a false alarm after all. Another thing to look into is the possibility of a short circuit. Try restoring the power and restarte the air conditioner.

  • Plants Or Other Obstructions

Head out to check whether the outdoor compressor is blocked by any plants or tall grass. They would obstruct adequate airflow for the air conditioner to work effectively.

  • Blower Motor, Run Capacitor Or Control Board

This three might be the causes if your air conditioner is not running but the fan outside is. If the fan is also dead, you might want to shut the power off and then check the wire connections for any signs of burning.

Air Conditioner Shutting On and Off

  • Dirty Parts

Most of the time, the air conditioner just needs a little cleaning. From the clogged filter to the dirty evaporator and the blocked condenser. All these will lead to more serious issues like an overheating compressor that would require major repairs.

The Last Resort

When all else fails, you can contact us at Aircon Xpert Penang to have your air conditioner checked and repaired. The problem can be much more serious than you can handle such as a damaged compressor or a low level in refrigerant. They might not be rocket science but it is always safer to leave the dangerous work to the expert. We are talking about dealing with voltage and current. Plus, you can save all the hassle of trying to figure out how each parts work. The team at Aircon Xpert Penang are guaranteed experienced. Just give us a call or drop us an email to schedule an appointment.



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