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Hot Air All Day

We often buy and install aircons in our homes in hope of cooling our houses amidst the hot weather in Singapore. This is because fans cannot beat the hot air that frequently surrounds Singapore. However, aircons need regular maintenance, servicing and cleaning work to ensure it works at its peak condition.

Nonetheless, we often get problems of aircons not blowing out cold air to properly ventilate our rooms. This defeats the purpose of us buying an aircon in the first place.

Possible Reasons Of Your Aircon Not Cooling Properly

What are the possible reasons that cause the air coming out of the air conditioning system to not be cold?

Firstly, it might be due to a clogged air filter. This greatly reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner as air cannot flow through properly. Secondly, your air conditioning unit might have dirty condenser coils. A condenser helps to dissipate heat which is removed from the air that is taken in by the air conditioner. Dirty coils make the air conditioners work less efficiently, making it work harder to cool the room.

Not only that, insufficient coolant may be one of the problems. Air is cooled when the coolant circulates through the evaporator coils. This reduces the air temperature when it flows over it. The cool air is then sent into the room. Thus, when there is not enough coolant, the air conditioner failed to cool.

In addition to that, a faulty compressor may be the reason behind this problem as well. A compressor is part of the air conditioning unit which is responsible for cooling the room. The condenser functions to compress the refrigerant and circulates it through the condenser and evaporating coils. A problem with this may cause the cooling process to be impaired.

Furthermore, your thermostat may be giving your aircon problems. As it is a sensor that senses the room temperature, it gives signals to the compressor to start cooling the air. If it is defective, the air conditioner will not cool the air effectively when needed.

Offering You The Solution

After knowing the possible causes of your aircon not cooling air effectively, we can identify and work out the best solution for your air conditioner. This requires us to open your air con to properly check the inner parts to find the defective part. We will then either replace the part which is involved or repair or clean it to allow the air con to cool air effectively once again.

You may ask, if it is that simple, why do you need us? This is because if you handle the parts of the air con wrongly, you may end up causing your whole air conditioning unit to malfunction.

Our Meticulous And Skilled Team

Our technicians are meticulous in what they do. Combined with their skills and experience, our dedication allows us to offer you the best service possible. We want you to enjoy the cool air of your air conditioning whenever you want to.

As quality is often stressed upon nowadays, we only use products such as coolants and compressors that are of good quality. This is because we believe that only with good quality products will your air conditioning last long in its peak condition.

Not only that, we want our services to be affordable for you and thus all our aircon services are priced reasonably. We want you to feel that the service and price offered are on par with each other.

Fix Your Aircon Today!

Is your air conditioning still blowing out hot air? Don’t you feel annoyed and irritated? Your guests might turn away because your home feels as hot as a sauna. Why don’t you get it fixed today with us? Contact us now to book an air con service appointment or get more information about our services. You can also check out our other services such as chemical wash for your aircon.


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