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Leaky Aircons

Most of us enjoy cool air and breeze as it makes us feel refreshed and energised. Thus, all of us in Penang have at least one aircon in our homes. However, without proper maintenance, servicing and cleaning, our air conditioning system will bring us a lot of problems. The most common and annoying problem with air conditioners is that it leaks from time to time.

This will cause a lot of problems to your flooring as well as less efficient running of your air conditioning unit. The water leakage may even drip onto your guests when they visit you. Won’t that be unappealing to them?

Leakage Causes

Why does it leak? There are 3 main reasons.

Firstly, your air conditioner’s drain pain is either cracked or missing. As the drain pain is situated beneath the evaporator coil, it collects any condensate from the indoor unit. If it is cracked or misplaced, drainage of water cannot be carried out properly.

Secondly, your drain line might be clogged. As the drain line is constantly filled with condensate, algae and fungi can clog it up as these conditions are conducive for their growth.

Last but not least, your aircon might be leaking due to a clogged up air filter. This is the most common reason for an aircon leakage to occur. For your indoor air handler to function, it needs proper airflow. Air will be restricted if your air filter is clogged. A variety of problems may then arise which includes evaporator coils freezing up, forming ice on its surface. The frozen evaporator coils drip excess water and thus leakage of your aircon occurs.

How To Fix It

Fret not, as these problems can be rectified!

Our technicians will normally open your air conditioning unit to identify the underlying problem. If it is due to your drain pan, they will probably replace it with a new one or reinstall it at the proper location. Frozen evaporator coils are mostly due to dirty aircon air filters, thus we will normally clean it out to prevent ice from forming once again.

If it is a clogged drain pipe problem, we will normally unclog it to allow water to travel to the drain pan properly.

You can also opt to do it yourself. However, this is normally not advisable as you might accidentally damage the inner parts of your air con, defeating the purpose of you fixing it in the first place.

Offering You A Helping Hand

Dedicated, experienced and skilled – these are the words that are used to describe our professional air con technician team. We are trained in our field so that we can provide the best service for you. This is to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Furthermore, when our technicians repair the leak in your air conditioning system, we only use products that are of good quality. This is required if the drain pan is cracked and needs to be replaced. We believe that good quality service and repair work can ensure the smooth running of your air conditioner, increasing its life span.

In addition to that, we offer our services at a reasonable and affordable price. We wouldn’t want you to burn a hole in your wallet when you use our services. After all, we aim to provide quality service without causing any financial burden on you.

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