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Aircon Compressor Repair Singapore

Living in Singapore, we are not only blessed with a multiracial community and a vast selection of mouth-watering food, but also perfect sunny weather all year long which can be a curse at times. On some days, the weather can be so hot that you cannot even properly enjoy an ice-cream because it melts faster than you can even lick! But well, thanks to technology, we have air conditioners.

Air conditioners have definitely become a necessity rather than just a luxury to Singaporeans today. Even so, it is still not cheap to install an air conditioner. Thus, to avoid premature breakdown, it is important to maintain it through regular servicing.

The Heart

An air conditioner is made out of several parts, one of it being the compressor, which is also known as the heart of an air conditioner. Just like how our heart pumps blood to rest of the body, the compressor compresses the refrigerant before it passes through the condenser coil to remove heat from the air, giving the coolness that you enjoy. They are usually quite reliable and can last throughout their promised life span. Yet, there are still reasons that can cause it to breakdown prematurely.

The Heartbreakers

One of the reasons can be caused by the low level of refrigerant or more commonly known as the air conditioner gas. This forces the compressor to work harder to pump refrigerant through the system which will eventually strain it. This can easily be prevented by topping up the gas in your air conditioner. Get your technician to check the gas level whenever they perform the regular servicing. They can also help you detect if there is a leakage.

Other common reasons are dirty coils and filters and these two are related. The evaporator coils itself would collect dust over time but the air filters are supposed to slow down the process by filtering the air before it reaches the coils. When the air filter is dirty, it will obstruct the normal air flow. Air will then bypass the obstructed airway and carry the debris directly into the evaporating coil. Once the coil is insulated by the dirt, it will lose its capacity to absorb heat. The increase in temperature and pressure will then lead to the compressor overheating and breakdown.

The 911

The compressor being the heart of an air conditioner makes it a very vital part for the air conditioner to function properly. It is extremely expensive too. This stresses the importance of regular servicing to check other parts which may contribute to the damage of the compressor. Replacing or maintaining other parts of the air conditioner will undeniably cost less than replacing a compressor. When it has finally given up on its task, be prepared to splurge either to replace it or to get a new air conditioner all together. Hence, you should not even think of saving cost by neglecting regular servicing. You might even pay more in the end.

At Aircon Xpert Singapore, our team of professional technicians are ready to help you, be it to service your air conditioner or to provide advices that you may need. Replacing your compressor would be worst case scenario provided that you compressor is dead. Other than that, there is still a chance for it to be repaired. Dial us up or drop as an email to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioner checked.





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