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Portable Air Cons Malfunction Too

As residents who inhabit Penang, we know that we will probably be sweating profusely all day without the help of our air cons to provide cool air. Thus, we often buy and install aircons in our home. Among these air conditioner types, some of us may opt for portable air cons due to its mobility and low costs.

Although portable air cons have the said benefits, they also have a few cons. They are often quite noisy due to the compressor. They are also less efficient at cooling a room. These things also depend on the type of portable air con you use, whether it is single-hose or dual-hose.

Just like every other object that we own, portable aircons may experience problems due to wear and tear or the constant build up of dirt and grime. These may accumulate on its internal parts such as the filters or coils.

Problems may then arise and interfere with your daily comfort, such as inefficient cooling, water leaking from your air con and your air con not being able to be switched off. Not only that, due to these problems, your electricity bills will escalate quickly without any positive effect on your comfort. At times like this, you need to understand that your air conditioner is basically alerting you that it needs servicing!

Service Versus Maintenance

Do you know the difference between servicing and maintaining your air conditioning system? People often mix these two words up. Let us explain it to you!

Maintenance means constant checking and cleaning of your air con to ensure that it is in good condition. However, it does not include repairing or replacing damaged parts of your aircon. Service, on the other hand, applies to when you seek help when your air con has a problem. Servicing is where we provide repair and replacement services for your spoilt air con parts.

If you fail to service your air conditioners at the right time, you might completely lose your air con and have to install a new one. Isn’t that troublesome?

Trust Us!

We understand nearly everyone will encounter problems with their air con at some point of their air con’s life span. Thus, our team of skilled, dedicated and experienced technicians are ready to help you solve these problems. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to repair and service your portable air con.

Besides that, we use products that are of top quality to service your air con so that your air con life span can be guaranteed and extended. If some parts of the air con need to be replaced, we only use parts that are from trusted brands.

Servicing of an air conditioning unit cannot be overlooked. This is even more important when your air con is already old and causing a lot of problems. Some people may neglect servicing their air con in fear of the price. We don’t want that to happen! Thus, to ensure customer satisfaction, we offer our services at an affordable and reasonable price.

Care For Your Air Con!

Like us humans, air cons need proper care and maintenance to keep on functioning properly. Don’t ignore its needs anymore! Contact us to book an appointment with us if your portable air con in your home is starting to malfunction or interfere with your comfort!



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