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Panasonic Aircon Service Penang

That Famous Brand

Panasonic, is the brand of electrical and electronic products that needs no further introduction among Penangites consumers. It is an extremely well-known brand name that produces very high-quality products. From shavers and trimmers for personal healthcare to high definition television set in the living room to integrated kitchen appliances, they have the best product for you for every room in your house. Likewise, they have all the products to compliment your busy lifestyle, such as cameras, camcorders, phones and smartphones. However, the one most significant product that could not be missed is their air-conditioner, or aircon, the more popular term with Asian users.

Air Conditioner A Life Saver

In tropical country with summer all year long, it is not uncommon for the people to despise the heat, especially when the high temperature led to an uneasy environment that could affect people in a negative way both physically and mentally. Hot stuffy condition causes a person to have higher heart rate and blood pressure. This led to people being easily angry, irritated and lose focus. Working, learning or sleeping will be almost impossible in this situation. Heat comes with proven serious consequences to human health to the extent of life endangering, which makes the smart use of air conditioning very important.

Panasonic Aircon Maintenance

The newest edition to Panasonic aircon collection are the New Premium Inverter Sky Series and Aero Series. Striking a balance in functional and aesthetic values, both series are of cutting edge technology which efficiently multitask in cooling, circulating and filtering the air as well as removing pollutants in the air. This only hold true, however, if you regularly clean and service your aircon system. Otherwise, the aircon can actually contribute to indoor air pollution and have a shortened lifespan due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use.

We Can Get The Job Done

In our years of servicing air con, our experiences tell us that cutting back on consistent maintenance has been proven to be false economy. In addition, it is almost always during maintenance that problems could be identified and fixed before it gets too serious. Thus, regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient and trouble-free running of any air conditioning system of any brand. Having said that, we are proud to declare that we are the team of aircon experts who can address and attend to all your aircon issues, including installation, repair job, tips on cleaning, and special care.

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