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LG Aircond Service Penang

Air Conditioners In Daily Life

Living in a bustling tropical country like Penang, we all are truly grateful to a marvellous invention called the air conditioner, or as the local folks fondly refer to it as ‘air-con’. The vital importance of this piece of technology is demonstrated by how it is always, constantly surrounding us, whether we are at home, at work, at a learning institute, running errands in stores, watching movies in the cinema, shopping in malls, eating in restaurants or even during travel time in both private and public vehicles. When there is power outrage or technical breakdown only we realize how much we are truly effected every minute without our ‘aircon’.

Cool Your Air, Calm Your Mind

We have all went through unpleasant days when the weather is too hot and the air conditioning is not doing a decent job. The embarrassment of sweaty patches on clothing and the irritation of over perspiration are more often than not, accompanied by mental sluggishness and shortness of temper. This is backed up by scientific bases. According to an article in Scientific American, when it gets too warm, our brain suffers from the heat and our body frantically utilize more energy to cool down, thus compromising our ability to think and reason. On the contrary, when the air is well conditioned, people are in better temperaments, thus being able to work efficiently and make better decisions.

Life Is Good With LG

Penangites definitely acknowledge the fact that multinational electronics company LG lives up to its motto as LG products truly offer innovative solutions to make life good and easy. With intuitive and responsive controls as well as eco-friendly features, LG air-conditioners collection is smartly divided into three categories, which are the portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, and the classic wall air conditioners. All the models came in sleek stylish designs and all need servicing from time to time. The main purpose to service your unit is to make sure it operates at the highest efficiency, thus saving money on energy and also extending its lifespan.

We Are Your Servicing Team

Undeniably, LG air conditioners give you the power and technology to maintain your ideal temperature all year long but you need to have someone skilful and reliable to help you in aircon servicing. Our team knows everything about the brand LG and we know all air con units inside out. Do not worry about which chemical needed to use for cleaning or which part need to be dissembled. Do not stress on what accessories to buy or about previous bad installation. Just trust us with you aircon maintenance job and we will service and repair all your units in time. We will fix your problems and make sure the system of each unit run smoothly just like new.

Call Now To Experience Our Company Tiptop Service

Pick up your phone and dial our number to make an appointment right now. If you wish, you could also contact us via email to let us know your product model and your preference on aircon services. We are welcoming you to use our service because we are confident that we are able to please all our customer with our brilliant service. Our company will continue to support all LG air conditioners user in Penang.



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