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Carrier Aircon Service Singapore

 The Father of modern air conditioning

Have you heard of the name Willis Carrier? If you haven’t, well, don’t feel down because not many members of the public do too. He is none other than the person who invented the modern aircon system in 1902, which is now employed to provide a cool environment to countless homes, offices, vehicles, supermarkets and commercial buildings worldwide. As his namesake suggests, he is also the founder of the Carrier brand of air conditioners, a brand we are proud to introduce.

Why Carrier?

From the many years of perfecting the air-conditioning system, we are confident that Carrier is the right aircon for you to stave off the Singaporean heat. Carrier products are efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly and most of all, reliable. Who doesn’t like an aircon that does its job perfectly and at the same time, saves you hundreds each year on your utility bill?

Gone were the days when the room vibrates and you have to resort to earmuffs as soon as the aircon is switched on. Carrier air conditioners are among the quietest in the world, due to its cutting edge noise cancelling technology. It is so quiet that you would not even notice if it is switched on or otherwise.

Need for service

While it is undeniable that Carrier air conditioning units are ranked one of the lowest systems in the maintenance department, it will come a time when it needs to be sent for repair. Many a condition could be the reason why you need to call for professional help, the main one being excessive sweating during sleep at night because your aircon is not cold enough.

This is due to a myriad of possible causes, ranging from a misbehaving unit, a faulty electronic board, improper insulation, water retention due to unsound ducting, excessive heating and the most common of all, a leakage of the cooling agent. It is difficult for the untrained eye to spot the aircon part going awry – this is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Many people have tried to DIY their own malfunctioning air conditioning unit, mostly due to cost concerns. Take our advice: don’t. Though dismantling an aircon unit looks simple through various online tutorials, it is actually not. You might inadvertently damage other components or worse yet, cause grievous injury to yourself. It is simply not worth the risk.

Seeking superior service

If you are looking for a professional technician to fix your faulty Carrier air conditioner, you have come to the right place. AirconXpert is an established com in Singapore specialising in aircon servicing and maintenance. Our team of experienced technician are highly trained to take care of all your air con concerns and matters, turning your used aircon brand new. There has never been a customer who is disappointed in our work and services.

We also offer a wide range of air conditioning products that will suit your every need. We sell both home and commercial brands of aircons. From the revered Carrier to the versatile Fujitsu to the powerful Daikin, we have it all. So don’t wait any longer. Contact us to book an appointment today.




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