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Aircon Maintenance Penang

The lifespan of a typical air conditioning unit depends on whether it receives regular maintenance throughout its years of service. A neglected air conditioning unit usually don’t last more than a few years, no matter how good the quality or what brand it is. Not only will negligence in regular servicing shorten your air conditioning unit’s lifespan, but you will also notice a steady decline in its performance while your electricity bills go up.

Stay Cool in Hot, Humid Penang

With the hot climate in Penang, the last thing you need is an air conditioning unit that is not running efficiently and breaks down more often than naught. There are bound to be tell-tale signs when your air con is long overdue for maintenance, such as restricted air flow, unpleasant odours and ineffective cooling. A fully functional and well-maintained air conditioning unit would not only be able to keep your home cool and comfortable, but it will also remove unwanted humidity from within your house.

What’s There To Service?

When it comes to servicing your air conditioning unit, there are several important parts that come into attention. First and foremost, the filters of your air con need to be routinely cleaned or replaced when necessary so that it doesn’t hinder your air con’s efficiency. Clogged and dirty filters will obstruct normal airflow and allow more dirt to reach the evaporator coil. The gradual accumulation of dirt will then impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity, which is why yearly inspection for your evaporator coil is absolutely necessary. The aluminium fins on the evaporator coils are also easily bent, which needs to be comb back into shape with a “fin comb” to prevent blocked airflow towards the coil.

General Or Chemical?

When it comes to air con maintenance, there will be two options available for you to choose from – general aircon servicing and chemical aircon wash. General aircon servicing is what most would usually go for regular maintenance, where vacuums and non-chemical products will be used to clean your air conditioning unit. Chemical aircon wash is recommended every now and then because it involves thorough cleaning of your air conditioning unit by flushing out the system with chemical cleaning products. This ensures that your air con’s filter is clean and there won’t be any blockages in the refrigerant and water pipes.

Having Doubts? Get Help!

If you’re having doubts on what sort of maintenance your air conditioning unit needs, then it’s probably time to make a phone call and get professionals like Aircon Xpert to take care of it for you. Our experienced and well-trained technicians are more than capable of handling all sorts of maintenance works that your air con may require. Whether it’s checking for refrigerant leaks, measuring airflow through the evaporator coil or inspecting electrical terminals, you can rest assured that our professionals got it all covered.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Having regular check-ups for your air conditioning unit not only keeps it running optimally, but also reduces the likelihood of breaking down and incurring a hefty cost to replace it with a new one. So wait no further, call us up today and leave your air con maintenance in our capable hands.


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