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Window Air Conditioner Installation Penang

Electricity Bills Getting Too Expensive?


Most of our homes have a central air conditioning unit installed to cool our homes and combat the hot and humid Penang weather. The central air conditioning will cool our entire home. However, as it cools down an entire home instead of just one room, it hikes up the electricity bill.

Often, some of us are willing to sweat it out just to save up on the electricity bill. What is the air conditioner there for then?

Benefits Of A Window Air Conditioner

Do you know that there are different types of air conditioners? Other than the more commonly seen central air conditioner and split air conditioner, the window air conditioner also exists.

There are quite a few benefits of choosing a window air conditioner over a central air conditioning unit. Firstly, a window air conditioner will be able to spot cool a single room. An example is your bedroom where you would want to be comfortable while sleeping. If you use the central air conditioning unit, you will be cooling the other rooms where no one is occupying as well.

Secondly, the power used is much lesser. Thus, you would be able to reduce your electricity bill while getting efficient cooling. Lastly, it is cheaper than installing a split system air conditioner.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner


So how do you install a window air conditioner? Let us explain briefly!

The first step is to select a window that you want to install your air conditioning unit on. Bear in mind that after installation, you will lose access to opening and closing this window. Next, the measurements of the windows are taken as well as the measurements of the room to be cooled. This is because it is important to choose the right aircon unit with sufficient cooling power for your room.

After that, the side panels are attached to the air-con unit securely to prevent allergens and pollutants from entering the house. Then, the unit is fastened on top of the window sill to secure its place. L-brackets are used to prevent the window from opening.

Lastly, the side panels are attached to the window so that the air conditioner is properly installed.

Seek Our Help!

The installation may sound easy but there are a lot of techniques required for the correct installation of your air conditioning unit. Why trouble yourself when you can seek professional help?

Our team of technicians are dedicated, skilful and experienced enough to properly install your window air con. Minimum problems will arise after the installation by our men. This is because we are meticulous in our work and we want to deliver the best work quality.

Not only that, we offer our service at an affordable price. We hate seeing people putting off seeking professional help and installing their air conditioning unit the wrong way due to the price. This may affect the condition of your air con. We assure you that our workmanship is worth every dollar you pay. At the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy efficient and comfortable cooling of air in your home!

Having Doubts?

Not sure whether a window air conditioner is what you need? Do not worry, just call us up to have your doubts answered! We will offer you sound advice and if needed, install the window air conditioner that your home requires. Contact us today if you cannot stand the heat anymore!




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