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Aircon Piping Installations Singapore

Leaking Aircons

Aircons are a must in Singapore as the weather is constantly hot. It helps us to filter dirty air during hazy periods and supply our homes with clean air. As a lot of us live in HDB flats, we often opt for the split system air conditioner which helps us to cool individual rooms in our houses with a single outdoor unit. The installation of our new air conditioners is important to prevent any future problems.

Sometimes, our air cons will leak after a period of using it. However, if it arises after a short duration of the installation of your aircons, this may be a problem with the installation of your piping system.

Why Is Piping Important?

Why does improper piping give rise to leaking problems? To explain this, a brief anatomy and function of your aircon piping must be explained. Split air conditioners have an indoor and outdoor unit. To connect these two, a copper pipe is used. Refrigerant is sent to the compressor in the outdoor unit to be compressed and led back to the indoor unit.

In cases where the piping system is not installed properly, condensation of water may build up quickly in the copper pipes, thus the leaking. This may arise because of improper insulation or poor installation of the piping joints. As the refrigerant is at a very low temperature and the external environment is at a much higher temperature, proper insulation and fixation of joints are needed.

Choose Your Installer Wisely

As the guidelines laid out by the Housing and Development Board state that installation of air conditioning piping must be done by trained installers, you cannot simply do it yourself. Therefore, it is important to choose an installer that can get it done properly. This requires an installer to have adequate technique, knowledge and experience. If not for that, your air con may face undesirable consequences.

We Give Our Best

Our team of installers are experienced and skilful in installing aircons and its various parts. We prioritise our customers and their needs. Therefore, we try our best to carry out the installation process so that you can enjoy the benefits of a properly installed aircon and its piping.

Besides that, we use only the best products when installing your piping system. This is to ensure that your piping gets the insulation that it needs to prevent condensation from happening prematurely. Due to our meticulous nature, we also make sure that all joints are connected properly to prevent the same problem from happening. You can trust us!

Not only that, we offer all our services at a reasonable and affordable price. We do not want to put a financial burden on you by engaging in our services. Thus, we priced it at a rate that you and everyone else will be willing to pay.

The Answer To Your Piping Problems

Now that we’ve explained the importance of choosing your installer wisely, we believe that you are now a smart consumer. Thus, why should you wait? Your answer to proper piping installation if before your eyes – us! Call us up today to know more about this service or other services that we offer.


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