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Aircon Trunking Penang

What is trunking?

Simply said, trunking is a casing that is used to cover all sorts of tubes, be it electrical cables, PVC drain pipes, copper conduits, an aluminium duct or insulation tubes. It is not specific to air conditioning systems alone, you can pretty much see trunking everywhere – above electrical sockets, encasing water pipes and even containing telephone lines.

Why trunking?

This is naturally the second question that comes to mind. Well, trunking provides an additional layer of protection from the external environment. This is especially useful for outdoor appliances which are exposed to the elements relentlessly day and night. Hence, the lifespan of the trunking’s contents will be extended, saving you from additional costs in the form of maintenance fees.

Trunking is also used as a protective feature. The material that our trunking is made from is completely fireproof and waterproof, so you can rest assured that whatever outside is safe from the inside and vice versa. In a nutshell, protection goes both ways when you have a trunk.


Don’t like seeing stray wires or naked pipes sticking on the walls of your cosy home? Then trunking is perfect for you. Besides its safeguarding functionality, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring your walls look nice and neat. If you prefer a clean wall free from all kinds of eyesores, you always have the option of painting over the trunking so that it is almost camouflaged. You can get creative and adorn the trunking with colours and decorations of your own choosing.

All about the trunk

Here at AirconXpert Penang, we offer an eclectic range of trunking sizes, from the optical 40mm X 25mm to the 200mm X 100mm python, suitable for every occasion. For joints, we have 45 degrees bridges as well as 90 degrees elbows. All of our trunking products have the standard length of 2.44m and are white in colour, ready for you to unleash your creativity.

Trunk troubles

Have a previously installed trunk that is leaking water onto your precious carpet and furniture in your room? Fret not, we can help you. First of all, let us reassure you that condensation in the aircon trunking system is completely normal, because the gas that is contained in the pipe is extremely cold when you run the air con. When everything is functioning optimally, you would not notice the condensation because the trunking should remove any moisture that builds up.

However, in the event of a poorly installed trunk or a blockage in the drainage, you can have the condition where water droplets drip all over your house. Rather than trying to fix a loose joint or clear an obstructed trap floor yourself and risk further damage in the end, you’ll be better off calling us.

We are the trunking experts

Our team of professional technicians at this com are well trained to attend to all your trunking needs. We have an unbeatable range of products and services which will cater to any requests and we guarantee absolute satisfaction with your new aircon use. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to book an appointment and we’ll add in some free aircon advice.

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