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Scorching Penang

In the over-sunny weather of South East Asian countries, it always makes sense for the people to want to take the concept of central air-conditioning to a higher level, if not making it mandatory. Life will be unbearably warm and uneasy in today’s society without the existence of air conditioner.

The Air-Conditioned City

Needless to say, Penangites enjoy fresh, cool, filtered and well-regulated air indoors. Since using air conditioner requires enclosed space, the air is free from pollutant such as dust, dirt, smoke, allergens and many other harmful foreign particles. Likewise, closed doors and windows prevent the entries of bugs and creepy crawlies and less noise can penetrate the room as well. With cleaner air to breathe in and quieter environment, the mood and health of a person could be highly enhanced, increasing focus and efficiency in work and other activities.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to maintain the entire air-conditioning system in optimum operational conditions is through regular maintenance. It is strongly advised to have your unit or units inspected, serviced and cleaned at least once a year to ensure it operates at peak energy efficiency. If left unmaintained, your aircon system can lose its operating efficiency due to inevitable build-up of dust and dirt, especially in the condensing coils and air filters. Maintenance is also the best chance to detect and repair abnormal function, preventing major breakdowns and pro-longing the life span of your cooling equipment.

General Servicing

Our company offer unit installation and general servicing of your aircon. You will be in complete peace of mind while our skilled specialists go through checking, cleaning and servicing in the shortest time possible. They will make sure the gas level, fan bearing and the drainage system are trouble free. They expertly clean and service the filter, evaporator coil, indoor fan coil and outdoor condensing units. By the end of their tasks, they will perform test-run system to make sure the entire system is in proper working condition.

Chemical Overhaul

If you are guilty of abandoning the maintenance of your air con for more than one year, then your unit will require chemical overhaul to restore its efficiency. This process dismantles the indoor fan coil unit to thoroughly clean the air conditioning fins and drainage system through chemical flushing where build-ups of dirt inside the air conditioner will be flushed away. It includes system re-vacuum, new refrigerant re-charge to operational conditions, refilling R22 gas, checking thermostats and control, commissioning and test running the aircon units.

Make The Best Aircon Specialists In Town Yours

As the leading specialist in the field of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in Penang, we deliver the expertise and services to solve all your problems and needs regarding air conditioners. Our team of highly competent technicians ensures that we are able to cater to your every requirement, be it the air-con in your car, your home or your work. You could use our service for both commercial and residential sectors so hurry, contact us now to make your appointment. Our friendly staff is always ready for your call.

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