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What happens when our air con starts malfunctioning or exhibiting problems?

Firstly, we will feel immense discomfort due to the heat of the Singapore weather. This is because there is no proper cooling of our homes. Secondly, our electricity bills will skyrocket. This often occurs because when your aircon cannot properly cool your home, it will work harder to achieve that goal.

Wouldn’t you want your air conditioner to solve your problems, not create even more?

What Could Be Involved?

Moreover, your air con problems may not be limited to one. You may have an air con which is not cooling properly, not giving out air, constantly leaking water, not switching on or may be having problems being switched off. Various parts such as refrigerant or coils may be involved in these problems.

If your air con unit is not cooling properly, the coils may be frozen or the air filters may be clogged up. If your air con is not giving our air, it may also be due to frozen coils, damaged fan motors or filthy air filters. If your air con is constantly leaking water, there may be a leak or obstruction in one of the tubes carrying the refrigerant. If your air con is not working, the fuse may have been blown or it can be a problem in the air conditioning system.

Help Is Needed!

Sometimes, it may even be due to insufficient maintenance. Maintenance is done to ensure that our air conditioners will run smoothly even after a period of time. The parts are checked so that it is functional and can provide proper cooling for your homes.

As you can see, there are different causes to the one problem and we may not know which is it. This is because the air conditioning system consists of many parts such as air filters, coils and compressor.

Some of these parts may be damaged at times and service is needed to repair damaged parts. Sometimes, they may even be clogged up or frozen and cleaning is needed for it to function efficiently once again. Even if we know the problem, we may be exposed to harmful chemicals. You wouldn’t want to harm yourself, right?

Do not worry as there is always a solution to a problem! In this case, we can offer you solutions to your aircon problems!

Our Skilled Team

Our team of professional air-con technicians are skilled and equipped with ample experience. We also have exceptional knowledge about air conditioning systems. Thus, we will be able to diagnose your aircon problem and carry out the right procedure to ensure that your air conditioner is restored to a good condition. We can also clean your aircon parts properly so that it can run smoothly.

If your aircon is in need of replacement of parts, we will advise and discuss with you. After we get a green light to proceed, we only use good quality products so that your aircon’s life span can be extended. We want you to be satisfied after engaging in our service after all!

Besides that, our services are offered at a reasonable price. All that quality for an affordable price? It’s like a dream come true! We do not want to burn a hole in your wallet. This will ensure that you will not neglect proper care for your aircon if the time comes.

Get Things Fixed With Us Now!

You need not pull your hair out in frustration over air con problems anymore! Whatever the problem is, we will try to get it fixed so that you can enjoy the best cooling experience! What are you waiting for? Contact us today if your aircon is acting up to get an appointment with us. If you want preventive maintenance or regular servicing, you can check out our other services!



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