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Basic science

When installing an air-conditioning unit, the untrained mind tends to forget a crucial part of the installation setup – insulation. Why, you might wonder, is insulation that important? Well, let’s recap how aircons really work. The indoor unit basically takes the heat from the interior, i.e. your room, and expel it via the outdoor unit. This is done by circulating a cooling agent, driven by a pump, through the wall between the two units.

Essentially, an individual air conditioning system transfers heat from the inside to the outside. So what if there is an unobstructed route between these two environments? You’ve guessed it: heat goes back inside your home. This renders your aircon useless in terms of its functionality, and is akin to not running your aircon at all.

The solution is insulation

As you can see, good insulation is of the utmost importance. Without it, you can expect suboptimal cooling every day and a hefty electricity bill at the end of the month. There are two types of air-con insulation: tube and sheet. Both are generally made from foam, hence thermal conductivity is close to nil.

The former is used chiefly for insulating piping and duct systems. The tubes come in a myriad of sizes to suit different wall thicknesses as well as variable diameters to fit holes of every calibre. The density of the tubes can be chosen at will depending on the material of the tube, whether it is steel or copper.

Sheets are utilised to insulate windows and plug any gap which may allow unwanted loss of cold air. These sheets are highly flexible and malleable, perfect for all-purpose use. They can even be cut into various shapes and sizes to fit any gaping holes. One additional benefit of these sheets is they can also minimise vibrations, hence lowering the noise level of the air-conditioning unit.

Safe, healthy and wealthy

You can rest assured that our insulation products meet all safety standards. Both the tubing and the sheets are fire-resistant, which means that they do not catch fire when exposed to naked flames. They also do not melt in excess heat.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the insulation material offers protection from water as well. In view that it does not absorb nor retain moisture, you are thus spared from the growth of dangerous moulds which pose a health hazard.

The material and its manufacturing process are completely safe and eco-friendly. Free from hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde and CFC, there is and will be no condition where unwanted gas nor ion is released throughout its lifespan.

We are the insulation kings

AirconXpert Penang offers only the best products and services to suit your air-conditioning needs. The host of professional technicians in this com are experienced in dealing with all things air con. There is not a problem too big nor too small for them. They indeed have a sharp eye for gaps, however small, that may lead to an air leak. So don’t wait any longer. Contact us via telephone or email now to book an appointment.

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