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What Is Wrong With My Aircon?

As you wipe the sweat off your brows, you stare at your air-con in agony and frustration. Of all the days, your aircon just had to choose today – when the temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius – to break down. Who should you call?

Penang weather is scorching hot nearly every day, thus an aircon is a necessity in our home. However, aircons need to be installed, serviced and maintained which is not what everyone knows how to do.

Sometimes, we may encounter some problems with our air conditioning unit as well. The most common problems are leaking, completely not functioning, smelling foul, not blowing our cool air or is making weird sounds. Is it a refrigerant problem? Or are the coils frozen? You wouldn’t know!

Maintaining Your Aircon

To ensure that your air conditioner has a longer life span, good installation, service and maintenance is a must. These factors highlight the importance of an aircon engineer especially in Penang. This is because the Housing and Development Board has a fixed set of rules applied to aircon installation. Thus, you would need a professional air con engineer to help you install your aircon.

Roles Of An Air Con Engineer

What does an air con engineer do? Basically, we discuss costs and requirements and advise the customers according to their needs. We may also help to select the right air conditioner for their customers. Besides that, installing and checking if the air conditioners work right are part of our job scope.

Furthermore, we can be considered doctors for your air conditioners as we can diagnose and pinpoint the your aircon’s problem if it happens to be malfunctioning as aforementioned. Last but not least, we can help in the servicing of your air con and repair any faults in your air conditioner to restore it to its glory days.

We Have Got It Covered

When your air con starts acting up, you can come to us to solve it! Our team of air con engineering experts under our company, AirconXpert, are experienced, skilled and meticulous. As air con installation and service requires some dexterity and skills, we have ensured that we are well equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to carry out our work properly. Our services are not limited to your homes – if your office or business if experiencing problems with your air cons, we can settle it too!

Not only that, we offer these services at an affordable price. Rest assured as our quality won’t be compromised. We believe in quality for all our customers so that your satisfaction can be guaranteed. Thus, we only use air con brands which are trusted and air con parts that are of top quality so that your air con’s life span can be extended.

Besides that, aircons contain chemicals that are harmful to us. Thus, it is not advisable to fix an aircon by yourself. Avoid injuring yourself and engage in our services instead as we take the necessary precautions to prevent such accidents from happening.

Dial Us Up!

Whether your aircon is exhibiting the problems mentioned before or if you need someone to help you install your aircon, do not be frustrated! You can seek us out and we will be more than happy to provide our services to you. Search no more. Just contact us, book an appointment with us and we will help you to settle your worries for a good price!


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