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Have you ever wonder how supermarkets and offices in Penang maintain the same air temperature throughout their premises? You might have heard of the air conditioning being “central”, but do you know how does it work?

What the duct?

Well, this type of air-con – technically termed ‘ducted air conditioning’ – is basically one external air handling unit connected to a multitude of air vents or grilles via air ducts, hence the moniker. This outdoor unit has a typical power consumption of 7 to 27 kW depending on its type and setting, adjustable by one or more controllers which are usually installed in easily accessed areas such as the living room.

The pros

The most important question still remains: is this ducted system suitable for my home? To answer this, let’s compare it to the typical run-off-the-mill individual air conditioning system. The main selling point for the ducted one is that the temperature of the air is uniform in all rooms where the air ventilation is installed. This saves you from headaches and discomfort from fluctuating ambient temperatures whenever you enter or exit a room. When the air vents are strategically placed, there would not be a single cold or hot spot in your house. The individual system cannot achieve this, even if all the singular units are set at the same temperature.

It is worth noting that installing a ducted system is much cheaper than installing a separate system in each room. Maintenance is also easier, in view of the fact that there is only one ducting filter to service, compared to the many wall-mounted units in the individual system. Also, a ducted air conditioner adds a huge plus point to your house’s sale value.

The level of noise is kept to a minimum, due to the fact that there is no physical equipment present in the room itself. In fact, this is the closest air-conditioning system you can get to complete silence. For the same reason, the ducted aircon is aesthetically pleasing with no awkward bulky unit on the wall, unlike the individual system.

The con

As you might have guessed, the ducted system offers less flexibility than the singular system in terms of controlling the temperature of individual rooms. This might not be a bad thing, because with more control comes more hassle. Another drawback is that the ducted system tends to use more electricity, especially if allowed to run continuously throughout the day. This can be easily solved by the use of a timer to control the on/off period as you wish.

Sounds good? Search no further

We at AirconXpert are more than happy to assist you in the installation of a ducted air-conditioning system. An established com like us also offer other systems as well as a range of products and services to cater for your every air-conditioning need. Our technicians are certified professionals and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our first-class job. So, why wait? Contact us now to book an appointment.


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