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Aircon Steam Cleaning Penang

Disrupted Sleep

As you wake up for the umpteenth time in the middle of the night because of the sneezing, you grab your hair in frustration. This has been going on for some time now and has been disrupting your sleep patterns. Due to the endless waking up at night due to your sneezing, you haven’t been able to focus during work. The air conditioner temperature is just nice, so what is the problem?

Dirty Coils

These days, nearly everyone has an aircon in their homes in Penang. This is because the temperature has been gradually increasing as time goes by. However, after a period of using our air conditioners, bacteria and dirt build up in the filter system, fan blades and coils in the air conditioning units. These will cause our health to deteriorate and are also allergic triggers to some people. And this is what is causing the problem as depicted in the scenario above.

Unfortunately, even after cleaning or servicing our air conditioners, we cannot get rid of all the germs and bacteria because some areas are unreachable and hard to clean. What can we do to eliminate the germs present without using a harmful chemical?

Steam Cleaning Your Aircon

The answer is steam cleaning! Steam cleaning operates by injecting low moisture and heated water vapour into the air conditioning ducts to eliminate germs and thus odour. If this is done monthly, it will definitely ensure the cleanliness of your air conditioner and therefore providing comfort to you and your home.

So how is steam cleaning done? First, the air con cover is removed to reveal the inner parts of the aircon. Some protective measures are taken to prevent oneself from getting injured from the jet of steam that will be injected into the air conditioning unit. After that, steam is shot into the air conditioner parts to blast off the dirt and grime that has accumulated on it. However, care must be taken to ensure the right power of steam is used to prevent causing damage to the air conditioning unit.

One of the benefits of steam cleaning is that it is environmentally safe. As it does not use any chemicals to wash out an air conditioning unit, it will not cause any harm to our physical health as well. However, the steam may cause injury to ourselves if we are not careful due to the high temperature,

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Our technicians are experienced in this field. We are always ready to provide you the best service with the expertise, skills and knowledge that we have accumulated throughout these years. As steam cleaning require some skills because we don’t want to damage the aircon parts but at the same time thoroughly clean it, it is better to leave it to us to do it for you!

Not only that, we only use good quality steam cleaners so that we can provide the best quality service for you and your air conditioning unit. We would not want to damage your air con unit with any substandard quality products.

Moreover, we offer these services at a reasonable price. This is because we believe that you would be able to engage us on a regular basis so that the cleanliness of your air conditioning unit can be ensured.

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Don’t let the grime and germs stick to your aircon coils permanently! Get them out before they cause any more damage to your air conditioner. That way, you can extend your air con’s life and improve its efficacy. Contact us today to engage in our services! You can also check out our other services such as repair and maintenance.


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