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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Penang

Aircon Problems

Penang is known for its hot weather because of its geographical position on the world map. Air conditioners are our life savers at times like this. However, long term use of air conditioners without any maintenance will not be beneficial as aircon parts such as fan, compressor and condenser coils will be worn down by constant use due to wear and tear.

Our aircon units may start experiencing problems after a long period of not getting proper maintenance and servicing. These problems may include blocked air flow, dust accumulation in the fan parts, faulty air conditioning parts and drain pipe blockages. When this happens, your air con cannot cool air and condense water properly, thus a chemical overhaul is often recommended.

Chemical Overhaul VS Chemical Wash

Other than aircon chemical overhaul, there is something known as aircon chemical wash. What is the difference between these two?

Chemical wash only requires the main parts of an air conditioning unit to be dismantled but in a chemical overhaul, ALL parts of the aircon are dismantled. Chemical wash does not replace or repair parts of the aircon whereas chemical overhaul replaces or repairs faulty parts. In a chemical overhaul, the thermostats and fan blades are checked and cleaned. The drain pipes are also washed out properly so that it is not clogged.

To sum it up, a chemical wash is milder than a chemical overhaul as it is mainly cleaning whereas a chemical overhaul is aimed to thoroughly repair or replace parts that are malfunctioning.

Benefits Of A Chemical Overhaul

After a proper chemical overhaul, your home will be supplied by clean and fresh air with minimum noise. Not only that, your aircon’s lifespan will be expanded significantly. You can even save up on electricity bills as less power is needed when your aircon is functioning at its optimum level.

Besides that, more rapid cooling of air can be achieved following proper maintenance. Last but not least, this service prevents the aircon parts from premature replacement as a chemical overhaul can repair the parts that can still be salvaged.

Our Experienced Team

As chemical overhaul requires chemicals that may be harmful and corrosive, proper expertise is needed. This is where we come in.

Our team of technicians are equipped with ample experience, skills and knowledge. We will dismantle your unit, clean your filters and fans with the right chemicals and provide proper lubrication to reduce the noise your unit produces. We check the condition of your aircon system.

We use only products of the best quality to ensure that you get the best service. This is because we understand that your air conditioner will not function properly if we do not use proper chemicals and techniques.

We also check your air conditioning unit thoroughly to ascertain if replacement of parts is needed. Moreover, we offer our services at an affordable price so that you will not put off a much needed aircon maintenance just because of financial concerns.

Engaging in our services will definitely do you and your aircon a whole lot of good!

Enjoy Cool Air With Our Help!

Has your aircon not received proper maintenance for a year or so? It is time to contact us so that we can get your aircons in tiptop shape. You will then be able to enjoy cool and refreshing air all day and all year long! Wait no more, call us today!


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