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Air conditioning units are a must if you’re living in Penang, given the hot and humid weather all year round. A home without a proper and functional air conditioning unit will only bring days of sweating and discomfort for you and your family. To keep your aircon running optimally, you’ll need to make sure that its interior stay clean and free of dirt. Although most modern air conditioners do come equipped with self-cleaning functions, a proper hands-on cleaning session is still necessary.

Too Warm? Time To Clean

When warm air comes out from air conditioning units, most are quick to assume that the refrigerant is low or something has malfunctioned.  Although there are many reasons why your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, the cause itself may not be as severe as first thought. The evaporator and condenser coils of the air conditioning unit could be clogged due to dirt accumulation, which leads to ineffective cooling and less air being pumped out. All these can be resolved by simply giving your aircon a full and thorough cleaning.


Keep Your Air Germ-Free

Besides affecting the efficiency and functionality of your air conditioning unit, excessive dirt accumulation will also affect the quality of air within your household. Without regular cleaning and servicing, your air conditioning unit is bound to be contaminated with germs, fungi and bacteria. These contaminants become airborne whenever you switch on your aircon, which will pose a health risk for you and your family. To eradicate all existing contaminants within your air conditioning unit, chemical wash is what you’ll need.



Opt For Chemical Wash

Chemical wash usually involves the use of high quality cleaning products to clean and sanitise each component of your air conditioning unit. This ensures that no bacteria or mould will be left alive after the whole cleaning process is done and you bet that they won’t be growing back anytime soon. Besides keeping your air fresh and healthy, chemical wash will also extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit and keep it from freezing up.

Leave It To The Xperts

Cleaning your air conditioning unit is more than just removing and cleaning the filter, it is a meticulous task that’s bound to be time-consuming and labour intensive. This is why you should leave it to professionals to take care of it for you instead. Aircon Xpert is one of the best in Penang when it comes to aircon cleaning and we pride ourselves in delivering prompt and quality services for our customers. No matter what sort of air conditioning system you may have, you can always trust in our professionals to make it hygienic and free of any harmful contaminants in no time at all.

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Having a clean air conditioning system provides a soothing and comfortable environment that you should expect whenever you come back home after a tough day at work. So what you are waiting for? Get in touch with us today and leave it to our professionals to make your aircon clean and hygiene both inside and out.

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