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Being in a country like Malaysia where our only seasons are rain and sunshine, air conditioners are no doubt the ultimate life saver to make the heat a tad more bearable. On days when the sky is a perfect blue without a single drop of rain and a hint of breeze, the sun can be so hot that it stings the skin when being outdoors. Without air conditioners, enclosed spaces would also feel like saunas, or a steamer. Thus, to prevent such catastrophe, it is essential that you have your air conditioners serviced from time to time.

How Frequent

Many of you may not be aware of how often you should be servicing your air conditioners, thinking that it would be a waste of money. So, as long as it still does its job, it is fine on its own. Well, think again. You may be paying even more than you realized. An inefficient air conditioner will consume more energy, increasing your electricity bill. Any mechanics or electronics which are overworked or not taken care of properly will get spoilt faster than expected. Plus, replacing the whole air conditioner is going to burn a much bigger hole in your wallet than the regular servicing. Therefore, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!


If you pay a little more attention to your air conditioner, you can easily pick up signs when your air conditioner is in need of servicing. It is really hard for the signs to go unnoticed unless you turn a blind eye or a deaf ear.

  • Unusual noises
  • Not cooling enough
  • Water leakage
  • Unusual smell

Elsa To The Rescue

It is fairly easy to look up in the web for an air conditioner servicing. But a good one will require a little research and luck. On tremendously hot days like this, you cannot afford to put your air conditioner in jeopardy. You are going to melt! One wrong decision may cause you days without an air conditioner. While you can still blast the fan to maximum speed at home, an office without functioning air conditioners spells disaster. Not only that productivity decreases, conflicts are also more likely to rise under higher temperatures.

The safest way is to get a trusted technician through referrals to service your air conditioner. Seek for licensed companies because effort matters. If they are willing to go through all the hassle to get the paperwork done, you know you can trust them to get the work completed properly too. It also provides the security and protection to your home. Just in case anything goes wrong, you will be insured.

Hence, you have us, the Air Conditioner Xpert Penang. Consisting of a team of professionals, we aim to provide nothing but the best and most reliable services to you. Though servicing an air conditioner is not really rocket science and most of you can definitely try it on your own, it is still safer to leave the job to the professionals. We can help you identify problems which you might not be able to notice. Since air conditioners are connected to electricity, you are exposed to the risk of being electrocuted. Thus, for the safety of your family and yourself, please leave the work to us.

Frozen Hotline

To schedule an appointment with us, the Air Conditioner Xpert Penang, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. The road to a more efficient air conditioner starts with a little single step. So what are you waiting for?


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